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Last Updated 20 July 2021

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


The activity sets the challenge the bowls asks the questions, and the players’ response is the answer

Are You Looking For Social Interaction, Exercise and a Challenge then Join Us.

This is PENNANTS Season where all bowls clubs in Queensland are looking to win a 'Little Coloured Triangular Flag' called a “Pennant”. Good Luck Samford!!

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November 2021

Tuesday 30 November

9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Tuesday Morning mufti

Covid-19 restrictions apply. Stay 1.5 metres apart on the green. Pay at the office, $16 cash or EPTPOS, then immediately adjourn outside.

Mufti please.

Recurs weekly
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Social Bowls

Games as self selected by a blind draw from table.
Even numbers of players will be sought.

COVID-19 restrictions still apply. Stay 1.5 metres apart. Pay at the office ($16) then immediately adjourn outside.

There will be a short afternoon-tea break.

Mufti please.

To check results and status of Club Championship games click on the following link:

Recurs weekly
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Mah-Jong Social Group

Samford District Bowls Club  Mah-jong Social Group. The Samford District Bowls Club members have started a Mah-jong social group. A small group of our members

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2021 Pennants Season

Hooray, get the flags out  “Pennants Season” starts in July!!  This year we have only managed to raise one men’s team (2nd Division).  At last,

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Samford District Bowls Club

We welcome all bowlers, non-bowlers and clubs to join us in our bowling activities.

Having a party – make it an event to remember by playing Barefoot Bowls at our club 

Hire our club for your wedding,  birthdays, wedding anniversaries school events or Firms Parties etc..

Join U3A and learn bowls the social way every Tuesday Morning at our club.

"The advantages bowling has over golf is that you seldom lose a bowl"

what can we do for you?


“Come & Try Lawn Bowls” days are held throughout the year and provides a great opportunity to come and meet some of the friendly club members and have a go!


Social activities including ‘Fashion Shows’, ‘Musical Evenings’, craft and sewing mornings as well as Social Bowls with and without other bowling clubs.  We have barefoot bowls competitions every Autumn and Spring.


A small group of our members are playing social Mah-jong on Wednesday & Friday afternoons at the Samford Bowls Club. They meet at 1.00pm and are happy for non – members to join them. If you have never played but have always wanted to, you are welcome.


Our club is involved in the Brisbane District ladies and men’s competitions such as the Alex Gow and pennants competitions at various levels. We also hold ladies and men’s club competitions and competitions with local clubs.


Our Club faciilties are available for weddings, engagements, 21st parties, barefoot bowls and other functions, small and large. we can provide catering needs for any event.

Would you like to join us -Drop us a line

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