2021 Mac Patterson Shield 3rd Round Results

2021 MAC PATTERSON SHIELD COMPETITION 3rd  ROUND RESULTS  Mac Patterson Shield was introduced by Samford District Bowls Club in 2018 revisiting “The early days of rivalry between the country clubs of Dayboro, Woodford, Kilroy and Samford”.  We are now in our 3rd year of this very competitive competition between the four clubs.  The rumour is that […]

Friendly Advice To All Bowlers

Friendly Advice To All Bowlers. Now and then, bowlers old and new, need to be reminded of not only the concrete rules of Bowling (available on request) but the ‘Polite Rules’ of bowling known as “Bowling Etiquette“. Please watch the  presentation below: – Click Here Previous Next

“MUSIC IN THE PADDOCK” 23rd May 2021

Samford District Bowls Club Presents “MUSIC IN THE PADDOCK” Samford Bowls Club is hosting a MUSIC IN THE PADDOCK event featuring the fabulous Second Wind Community Band on Sunday 23rd May 2021. A lazy winter afternoon listening to music, chatting with friends in a lush green paddock, how good does that sound? An outdoor COVID […]

2021 Samford Ladies Bowls Champions

Samford Ladies Bowls Champions of 2021  The Samford Ladies have completed their Champions of Championship Competitions and are now ready to compete in the Brisbane District Bowls Association Championship Competitions. See below our 2021 champions. For more details of the competitions held “click here”.  

2021 Ladies Autumn Pennants Competition: Latest Results

2021 Ladies Autumn Pennants Competition: Latest Results: – Round 5 Samford ladies had a good win this week against the Ferny grove Ferns.  Samford ladies will be playing for the Pennants Plate at Samford next week.  Good luck Ladies next week when playing against “Chermside Gold” at Windsor.     See results below or for more […]

2021 Alex Gow Competion: Latest Results

2021 Alex Gow Competition: Latest Results:- Semi-Finals Congratulations to Ferny Grove Green and Ferny Grove White on winning their respective semi-final against West Toowong and St Lucia. The two Ferny Grove teams will play the final at Ferny Grove on Saturday 10th April. Well done to West Toowong and St Lucia Blue on making it […]

2021 Village Retirement Group Challenge: Latest Results

Village Retirement Group Challenge 2021: Latest Results :- Round 9 Even though we had a BYE last Saturday we are 2nd in Pool D.  This week we are playing Aspley White at home.  Good luck Samford.  See results below, or for more competition information including team information  “click here”.

Samford Ladies Perpetual Trophy Competition

Ladies Perpetual Trophy Day 29 March 2021 All Clubs are welcome to join us in the exciting day. Raffle prizes and competition prizes of up to $1000 are waiting to be won. For details see below:-  

2021 Ladies Club and Championship Results Updated

2021 Ladies Club and Championship Results Updated Championship Fours, Pairs, Singles competitions ladders are near completion  and Club Consistency, ‘B’ Singles ,Triples, ,Veterans, Novices competitions ladders are ready to start. All competition ladders are on display and can be downloaded  “click here”.    

Club Celebrates Ken Gibson’s 90th Birthday

STAY IN TOUCH DURING COVID Club Celebrates Ken Gibson’s 90th Birthday Life Member Ken Gibson joined our club in 1987 and became a formidable bowler winning many club competitions. It was a pleasure to celebrate his birthday and present him with a ’90th’ Year bowls badge and a birthday cake. He is still an active  […]